New album. ASHAENA “Calea”


A lot of folk influences swirrls inside this very melodic but still harsh Pagan Black Metal mélange and instruments like pipes and flutes appear often. They are written in their native Romanian Language. This record is rhapsodic and relishable, it also awakes memories of ancient cultures and cycle of myths.


With Somer on the horizon, we will be looking to have the mystical 9th issue in your hands by 14 August!

In order for this to happen, we are looking for quality submissions of ANY kind. This, of course, does not mean we will publish them, but it give you, the Reader, a chance to show off your purported Talents, and us, to lend credence to said Talents, or to quickly refute them!

We are looking for committed Editorialists, Reviews of Books & or Music.Recipes, especially of the Traditional sort, would be a lovely addition. Poetry. Prose. Essays. Artwork. Intewrviews with interesting or villainous individuals…..et al.

Interested parties can send an email to theheathencircle@gmail.com :: Please use the subject “Heathen Call 9” for all inquiries or submissions.

Issue 9 Submissions due no later than 31 July!




HEATHEN RESISTANCE FOR 2015! Attention (band) members of the Heathen Circle!  We are starting to collect songs for the upcoming compilation. Will be digital download. Songs do not have to be new or exclusive. Please contact Sword Productions.  They are leading this project! Email: Heathen_Sword@hotmail.com.  Have your songs and info. in by October 1st.

New HEATHEN CIRCLE website has launched!

CD_add01-smWelcome to the new Heathen Circle website. Here you will be able to find information about the community, lists of our members and alliances, as well as of our propaganda to date.

The new website comes on the heels of enemy attacks on HC social media accounts, which resulted in the old pages’ deletion. The unreliability of social media is a hard fact of our common struggle, and though the HC page is now reborn and operating at facebook.com/theheathencircle, this main website will bring stability to the HC online presence and independence from the political-correction pride fest of social media.

Hail to our gods and ancestors, and hail to the Heathen Circle!
HC Administration