With Somer on the horizon, we will be looking to have the mystical 9th issue in your hands by 14 August!

In order for this to happen, we are looking for quality submissions of ANY kind. This, of course, does not mean we will publish them, but it give you, the Reader, a chance to show off your purported Talents, and us, to lend credence to said Talents, or to quickly refute them!

We are looking for committed Editorialists, Reviews of Books & or Music.Recipes, especially of the Traditional sort, would be a lovely addition. Poetry. Prose. Essays. Artwork. Intewrviews with interesting or villainous individuals… al.

Interested parties can send an email to :: Please use the subject “Heathen Call 9” for all inquiries or submissions.

Issue 9 Submissions due no later than 31 July!