New Compilation in the works for 2017!

Heathen Resistance vol.4 for 2017!
We at the Heathen Circle are hard at work aiming to create a new CD compilation for our members and supporters. A 2 CD set is what we need. Disc #1 will be all folk (neo-folk), ambient, tribal, chants, Galdr, etc. Disc #2 will be our metal bands. The labels involved are Wolftyr productions (USA/North American distribution), Pagan War (Brazil/South American distribution), and Echoes of Koliba productions (England/European distribution).
Some ground rules for this effort:
1. All registered HC members are free to submit their songs. Non-members must pay a comp. fee of $80.00 (USD). All participants will receive 10 copies once completed.
2. Please keep your submitted track under 6 minutes.
3. Preferably, all songs should be new tracks. If not, all tracks submitted must NOT have previously appeared on any CD format.
4. Before submitting, all tracks must be mixed and mastered with good quality sound. Please do NOT send us poorly recorded and unlistenable tracks. They maybe rejected from this compilation.
All songs must be submitted by March 1st 2017. Email your tracks to