Alne / Stworz – warńija now available in Werewolf Promotion.

Alne Stworz / Alne warńija now available in Werewolf Promotion. 12 songs dedicated to warmińskiemu landscape and spirit; close to an hour of music in climate folkrock / neofolk.

Dziejawa – Nest, tape limit 200 copies. Slavic dungeon synth dedicated to the legendary beginnings.
Tape contains extra song.


Runahild album “Seidgaldr” is now ready!

Ethereal Heathen Folk

After the release of “I Vølven’s Vev”, Runahild felt the time came to take a rest from Eliwagar. Her musical inspiration was leading her on new paths therefore she decided to create a side project under her artist name.

While Eliwagar is often about dreaming herself away to a long forgotten past, to the mystical land of Hyperborea which she refers to as her spiritual home, Rúnahild’s project takes deeper roots into spiritual experiences from this lifetime.

Her first album Seidgaldr (seid=old Norse type of sorcery, galdr=incantations/spell) takes partly inspiration from different drum circles she has been a part of at several occasions – celebration of the seasons, drum journey, etc – where she experienced how everyone can instantly harmonize to one an other in a very natural and deeply beautiful way. The voices being woven together on drum rythms transcending the soul with a pure feeling of extase, allowing the energies to flow freely within the self, painting landscapes to travel through.

Some songs or elements on Seidgaldr are based on improvised recordings to try to recreate the atmosphere from a drum circle when it is all about letting the energies of the moment guide the artistic work.

The main theme of this album can be described as a journey to the subconscious or to the underworld, to wander through our darkness and shadows to nurture our inner self, to create light from our wounds and to grow higher as we reach deeper.…