::: HEATHEN CALL ::: ISSUE 11 ::: Seeking contributors :::

So, here we are, officially into Autumn, yet the pervasive smothering of summer persists. I sing praises of death, open tomes reeking of putridity, instead of being greeted by a cold hand, inferno. Respite comes in the form of…

ISSUE 11! To be foisted upon the reeking, huddled, putrefying masses sometime around JULE!
Get your submissions to me ASAP.

Grab an interview with Wardruna, Pillorian; something relevant! Write an essay about the Juletide. Tell our readers how to COOK or MAKE something.

email ::: theheathencircle (at) gmail (dot) com [[attn:BZM:::Heathen Call]]